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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 16, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m. >> developments of the battle over proposition 8. a federal appeals court that same-sex marriages will remain on hold for now. dan kerman is here to explain today's decision. >> there has been a lot of rulings and this is only two pages. very clear, that marriage is one to become to a stop and they're not going to resume on wednesday as a result of this ruling. circuit has granted the stay. and the court has passed tracked this case with previobrs of both sides must be submitted by november 1st. and calendar for december 6th when it is likely that arguments will take
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place. in addition to the merits, the backers have also ordered people to discuss where they have legal standing to even file an appeal disappointed that they cannot resume right away but there gratified their fastrak in this. their entire focus is not the " state ", ts'd the art form to think that they're going to get a definitive ruling from the appellate court. or at least world arguments will put them on the right track to get this resolved. >> and a distinct that this is a temporary setback? >> correct. and while this is in place, at least the fastrak and remember, this stay could have been in place. instead, the
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schools before the night circuit and the month of december. >> thank you, dan, and the university of san francisco julie nice, chula, let us talk about dan just mentioned about this time line. and it seems to be an expedited time line is that unusual for the court? >> you know, on the final of this is everything turns out to be unusual about this of block >> and the ninth circuit is ordering backers of proposition 8. weather or not they have legal standing for this appeal. them one the court does this, are they acknowledging that this is controversial, emotional the could avocations across the country. >> is that quebec could decide? to speed this up? >> i think that this could be speeding this up and requiring
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to be related. in other words, the court is giving the proposition 8 the state but they're not quite sure if there of legal standing to appeal. and they're going to move this up more quickly and resolve these issues because we understand that rights are pending. pamela's talk about that record, supporters of that people better against same-sex marriage do not have any standing. if there's any question, with the court granted that staty? >> they granted it to grant the status quo that is typical but it is unusual. however, everything is difficult with emotions have been high. and the issues about weather these constitutional rights are a major talking points. the court is using caution and pressing
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parties to do this quickly. so there really makes this a quick decision. >> jolie nice, thank you. in christine connolly is live. she is in the castro district, christine? >> reactions quickly, spreading to the castro. many people are saying that they're truly shocked by this decision is not the way that the is a people are going to go today. so, this is really with a lot of shock, disbelief. geraghty quality u.s.a., that thousands of couples for planning on it and getting married on wednesday. and san francisco city hall were going to stay up lat stay open now, they are going to have to a lot of setbacks, emotions, and let us roles and video. to show you some reactions and the kestrel section. aha >> it is awful, we are still
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hediscriminated against, and i think that it is wrong. i do not think that i feel as badly as others because i am not interested in being rushed to get married. not a temporary window i am interested in a federal law to make it a lot of the land for a >> no audio ♪ the controversial and eight, weather is a special section, we can get all the details about this battle for same-sex marriage. all of that. >> new details on those assaults in walnut creek. anthony mouton was arraigned for multiple
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brugge release, and rapes and we have learned that he has been staying nearby. >> antonio mouton's is still at $3.5 million. this senior deputies attorney says that anthony had been in close proximity to the crime scene. >> i do not have any specific information why this complex was targeted. i do know that he was staying or had access to an apartment located nearby. >> not in the complex? >> not the complex but very close. >> dna evidence links him to the cases. and they say they do not believe it, and they " that he is a mama's boy " who stays close to home. he called today.
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>> he called himself and he turned himself. >> he turned himself in? >> yes. >> and he warned him to be careful of what he said and he wiped away a tear when this bill was unchanged. the four was led to the for was led back to jail, he blew a kiss to is grow from it. >> and this gentleman led police on a high-speed chase back and forth on how we for last week. holding a gun to his head until i finally stopped in a pittsburgh neighborhood. a swat team talked him into surrendering in his bill as it $2.1 million. heat-real. >> and also, a violation of probation, and he is scheduled to be back and aug. 46 at 8:30. he entered no plea. >> warmer temperatures this sector in, and a bit hotter inland. 5-10 degrees warmer than
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mozart, yesterday. fast in the north bay, the upper 70's, low 80s. 60s, 70's through most of the bay area. we're still seeing some fog hugging the coastline and even to the north bay. that fog is going to stay with us, too out tonight in the morning for tomorrow. and tomorrow afternoon, similar conditions with the exception of the north become a cooler. and also cooler by the end of this week coming up. >> a live look upside is our monday traffic and at the top, the 80 heading towards the lower deck is starting to back up. it was much lighter earlier, you can see how it is a heavier. the bottom is the south 101 that is also moving slowly. we will be right back.
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consumer advocates are warning customers to look at the fine print. >> they did not collect swiping for nothing overdraft or a huge revenue stream for banks. and the first quarter and the sure, they collected of $3500 per cent. and $390 per day and they're doing every effort to keep that money coming in. bank of america, wells fargo, are urging customers to opt in. 25 percent of depositors have done so but even if you do not? you can still get a hit. and with one time it debit purchases, or atm withdrawals. they do not apply to reoccurring transactions like a gymnasium membership. and they do not limit on how many banks can charge or one day charges.
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>> and one rule of thumb, the larger the bank, the larger the over draft. the national average is dollars and two sex the big wall street banks, $35. $26 for a national average--, and to take a look at our inland temperatures will be warmer. more intense, with cooler air coming in for this weekend your full forecast coming up.
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with an average finance savings around $5,800. >> it is the middle of august. while it was a bit warmer, by most accounts, this is from the coolest bay area's summer and most memory. >> and the sun was out so the market but that was about it the fog could be seen creeping over the hills and with some cover the city. again, san francisco has a reputation for fog, cold temperatures in the summer but even the veterans are starting to think that it is getting ridiculous. >> still, people were out, warm jackets, scarves. ocean beach
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was all but deserted and along those miles, the richest a few people looking out at the gray sky above the ocean. and the richest a-few people, and it walkers for taking advantage. and a handful of golfers did not mind the cool temperatures and the whole of ever buddies mind is in the summer and warmer temperatures from the fall season arrives. jeff bush. san francisco. >> it is a little bit warmer, especially in the north bay and inland. of those locations are close to average for this time of year. 90 degrees in fairfield, 60s, 70's for most of the bay area. the seven degrees in half moon bay, there is similar conditions of their tomorrow with 57 degrees in half moon bay. the north bay is going be quite a bit cooler, with 77 projected in santa rosa for tomorrow. 76 in napa, low-80s
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inland. 63 degrees projected in san francisco for tomorrow, and the difference as to what we're going to see qamar is several degrees below average. inland, it is closest to-read below or should be. five degrees cooler in santa rosa, 11 degrees cooler in sunnyvale. we've seen several days like this to up this summer and of the savso far, 57 days ad the summer days of and below average. and i could not find any koda5753 of the 57 days have been below average in separate cisco, this is all based on to the seven. 37 to days below average of the 57 degrees in san jose. and to take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay those mild temperatures was the inland for the next two days but a surge of cool air. to take
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a look to these temperatures for the weekend! with only 480 degrees by friday, and most of the bay area but inland will stay average for the next couple of days. ♪ >> national news, the want to know weather " chrysaliraigslisr phillip mytcolf used a pen to slash his arteries in his cell. and of course, the jets blew a flight attendant has been offered his own reality show. producers at stone and co. entertainment are asking him to sign up for a show about people that quit their jobs and
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extravagant ways. no word on his response and he is out on bail after being tried with criminal misconduct. >> the president is and milwaukee, a three day trip to raise money for various democratic candidates. and energy plant in milwaukee that makes batteries, power systems that use renewable sources of energy. he will be raising energy in five states, and a big fund-raiser in los angeles. he will also be in washington, ohio, florida before going home on wednesday night. almost every step of the way, he is getting a lot of questions about the plan to build a mosque near the ground zero. president we into this cover sheet unfriended the developers of the right to build there. dutch controversy-judge, and he's been getting flak. and he said that this mosque should not be built on this site near the terrorist attack. and the first amendment protects freedom
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of religion. >> these zebras to the streets of sacramento's and look of these! there were being loaded on to this trough. and there were spooked by some dogs and they just took off and went running. one of these was found in a swimming pool at an apartment complex. in florida, this needs to take a license on not to get his plastic container. and this was at least on his head for 10 days. the public caught him and get caught office head. >> now, this is the home to the first pop tart swirl. and dedicated, with 3000 square feet but nothing but pop tarts. with pop art sushi, with no fish!
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crushed in a little bit of a roll up and you can create your own custom pop tart. >> pop charts have been around for 50 years. 2 billion are sold every year. kavanaugh and look at the bay area traffic this is in walnut creek. and the commute is giving slow in both directions. to take a look at the san jose the one is erewhon. if things are moving smoothly in both directions, the morand the guadeloupe overpass is a bit sluggish work, not bad. we will be runback.right back. to make it happen. b was it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together.
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>> san francisco is municipal transportation agency is phasing out paper cards in their imposing clipper kurds. >> kimberly? >> these are useful, to add value, although pay, and to
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register this all on the line. also the transit agencies will food this bart, caltran, others, and take a look at this. and we can get this--card. also, we confine stations we could add value. -were you confine the stations, to add value, places in the north bay, san francisco where you can find. -- >> and also, were you confined and for the $5 card p is going to be limit waived. free adult r cards. to check this out for yourself. what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> this is the first half to the 19th avenue presidio off ramp coming from the golden gate bridge. this was reopened after the weekend and the changes are in yellow. highway southbound one will close again in november but the work will be done overnight and it should not
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impact most drivers. gasoline prices are on the rise and there up by 3¢ across the country. the national average is $2.70 per gallon. in california, it is over $3 per gallon. state and in the nation, and the least expensive is at $3.60 per gallon in bakersfield. $3 only 6¢. >> and our live camera, a little bit, you can see that fog moving in. cooler temperatures will prevail your full forecast is coming up.
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>> live, this is kron 4 news at 5:30 >> six weeks after eight arson fire gutted elementary school, class is resumed, as scheduled. the july 5th fire caused $8 million in


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